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Talpiyot Tomb - Mariamene e Mara

Mariamene e Mara (written in Greek)

From the Film site: “Mary known as the master,” which Cameron thinks might be Mary of Magdalene." and further "Francois Bovon, professor of the history of religion at Harvard University, told Discovery News, "Mariamene, or Mariamne, probably was the actual name given to Mary Magdalene." Bovon explained that he and a colleague discovered a fourteenth century copy in Greek of a fourth century text that contains the most complete version of the "Acts of Philip" ever found. Although not included in the Bible, the "Acts of Philip" mentions the apostles and Mariamne, sister of the apostle Philip.

Note: MIGHT and PROBABLY - using those words sound like they don't really know but it fits their imaginings. The links below show that there is no evidence for Magdalene being Philip's sister.

In reality there seems to be a case that Mara means Martha rather than Master and could even mean two different people in this box. see Ben Witherington 28 Feb

Ben which also refers to the Philip allusion - for more on the Philip book and discussing in detail the mentions of Mariamene see James Snapp Jr. if you don't know anything about the Acts of Philip then please read James scholarly discussion. And more from James on Mariamene.
See also Talpiyot Tomb - Recommended Sites for several sites discussing the Mariamene name.

More from Stephen Pfann on box being for two bodies and a site under his name with pictures of the writing

And I like the Comment on Wired

Some people say this tomb proves that Dan Brown was right in the DaVinci Code regarding a marriage between Jesus and Magdalene - actually the first book that brought that nonsense to my notice was "Holy Blood Holy Grail" published in early 1980s . However both books said that Magdalene migrated to South France - so who took her remains back to Jerusalem? come on! This nonsense gets sillier!

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