Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Et Tu Julia - reflections on the events June 23 onwards

Barrie Cassidy on ABC put it well "The King is dead, Long life the Queen".
Gough would have said "Well of course Julia is the feminine version of Julius". Hang on it was Julius that was stabbed.

I find it deeply disturbing that a Prime Minister was deposed in his first term simply because someone else wanted the job. Especially when the PM had turned his party's fortunes round and won in a landslide even losing the previous PM his seat. It was Kevin 07 - have you ALP folk forgot that? Kevin then contained with enormous popularity in the polls until just recently. Strange the big problem for John Howard was the advertising campaign against him over work choices and the problem for Kevin was one against him over the Mining Tax. I actually thought the tax was a real socialist issue. Surprising the ALP want out.

The Union person on lifeline had me chortling - it was Kevin asking his chief staff to find out opinions that caused them all to say time. Really its clear you all had already decided. Shorten on Q&A was saying it was Wednesday when he advised Julia to challenge. I though she said she made her own mind up! Shorten also said "it was a hard decision" - really should I feel sorry for you. What about the man you dumped. Surely he should have been allowed to go an election.

Mark Latham really did a bucket job on the party. And strange that he said that Swan hates Gillard as I see him arrive at G20 and announce himself as "Wayne Swan Prime Minister of Australia sorry deputy....."

More from Barrie Cassidy ABC The Drum - Rudd's downfall: he never really got it
in which "and she cut the ground from under the Coalition by conceding "a good government had lost its way."
I just find her repeating of that as weird - her cabinet is essentially the same - so apart from Kevin its the same as the one that lost its way - poor little lambs. Were the serious cabinet meetings at which everyone disagreed with what Kevin was doing? Did anyone resign on principle?
Lindsay Tanner has gone and his job is now combined with Foreign Affairs - sort of makes sense but will it continue like that. Kevin may after next election be back in the ministry? Is all this real?
Now media rumour is an election announcement this Friday. Really what about all the things that were going to be fixed because the government lost their way. Being left to after the election? So here we go again - we'll fix carbon - notice Gillard talks about carbon price not ETS.

Gillard won't play religion card - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) "Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she has no intention of pretending to believe in God to attract religiously-inclined voters." Well it wouldn't have fooled us Julia - it is fairly obvious you do not believe in God. Are you saying Kevin was pretending? Well at his sad speech Friday morning when he bubbled he did say something about giving thanks to God "him or her" - was he joking?

The last time I voted ALP was for Bob Hawke - then unlike Julia I decided God was for real and realised the ALP didn't see things that way.
Anyhow I was in India trying to serve God and came back to Australia to find that Keating thought he knew better than the people. And just under 20 years later Gillard does the same thing. Yes our first female PM but winning an election was the way that should have been not his "I decided"

Only last week Maxine was talking in local paper about a Rudd government plan. And her bulletin came and was full of photos with Kevin. Sad.
So will Maxine be a one term member for Bennelong?

Some additional items since I wrote above

How Abbott found an unexpected ally over climate change in the Gang of Four "IN THE inner sanctum, Julia Gillard had urged that the Rudd government not honour its election commitment for an emissions trading scheme unless the opposition's Tony Abbott agreed to one. The deputy prime minister argued strongly with her cabinet colleagues that the government should dump the scheme "because it's hurting us too much" politically, according to cabinet members."
Perhaps that explain why she talks carbon price instead of ETS

Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard does not support legalising gay marriage | The Daily Telegraph

Monday, June 21, 2010

Film: Molière

Molière (2007)

The great French playwright Jean-Baptists Poquelin aka Molière (wonderfully played by Romain Duris)

Very enjoyable - makes a great effort to create the language etc that made Moliere so funny and famous

Really good - have seen it twice

David Fromkin’s new book: The King and the Cowboy

David Fromkin's new book: The King and the Cowboy

"The King and the Cowboy: Theodore Roosevelt and Edward the Seventh: The Secret Partners".

Actually I think it should be "The King, the Cowboy and Autocrat" or whatever you want to call Kaiser Willie.
The book suggests that the King and the President colluded to stop the Kaiser's plans in the Moroccan crisis of 1905 and this set the stage for WW1 and hence WW2 etc.

It is very well written history and short as well so well worth reading to understand what happened in Europe at the transition from Queen Victoria into the 20th century. Goes into how Victoria and Albert tried to educate Edward and that Victoria may well have hated him. Similarly explores the strange upbringing of Willie and his personality problems. Willie was actually visiting his grandmother when she died and he loved British uniforms etc. And yet he set out to oppose Britain - even though many protest that his expansion of the German Navy was not to oppose Britain.

From this book a case is well established that Edward had much more say in policy than the subsequent Kings of England.

A very good read

Monday, June 14, 2010

Just read: Robert Lindsay - Letting Go

RobertLindsay.net - Official: Robert Lindsay - Letting Go

Robert Lindsay (Stevenson) I first remember seeing in Jericho - a wonderful recreation of foggy London in the 1950s - and upsetting too - what was going on. Well Robert was what was going on. And then My Family which I only started watching when it had been around some time - some episodes were really funny but always a sad undercurrent. This book is about his first sixty years and is a very enjoyable read. He really goes into his acting style. It seems he likes to play the part and also play to the audience. Which can be threatening and one actor actually punched him.

Playing Henry II with Derek Jacobi as Beckett - he relates Derek as being a bit grumpy when Robert tried to be amusing - later he recounts Derek had Mrs Thatcher as a dinner guest and she invited Robert which he refused as being from the working class he did not like her politics - no wonder Derek was grumpy. Robert does reveal a lot about himself. Always having a laugh about himself. It was good to read about his career. Being "down under" for 40 years means I've lost touch with "new" actors etc in UK so this book was revealing.

I knew "Me and My girl" the 1930/40s Lupino Lane musical with the "Lambeth Walk" had had a rerun but I just did not know that Robert with Emma Thompson had been the stars - he took the show to a success on Broadway and met everyone including Miss Hepburn.

I'll be watching more of Robert if his shows get down here