Saturday, May 31, 2008

What I have just read - May 2008

8 Jun 2008 S831180005 Fighting techniques of the Medieval world equipment, combat skills, and tactics / Bennett, Matthew. Renew

8 Jun 2008 S755447000 Genesis of the Pharaohs : dramatic new discoveries that rewrite the origins of a / Wilkinson, Toby. Renew

10 Jun 2008 S867675001 The Black swan : the impact of the highly improbable / Nassim Nicholas Taleb. / Taleb, Nassim Nicholas. Renew

What Am I reading and watching

14 Jun 2008 S885707000 Family tree magazine : Vol. 24, No. 6, Apr 2008. /
14 Jun 2008 S856048004 Inspector Rex. Series 7 [videorecording] : a cop's best friend / writers Peter H / Hajek, Peter.
14 Jun 2008 S838530004 Jericho / writer, Stewart Harcourt ; director, Nicholas Renton. / Harcourt, Stewart.
14 Jun 2008 S818370009 The life aquatic with Steve Zissou / written, produced and directed by Wes Ander / Anderson, Wes.
14 Jun 2008 S817517006 Together / directed by Chen Kaige. / Chen, Kaige, 1952-
28 Jun 2008 S860627009 Coffee basics : a quick and easy guide / by Kevin Knox and Julie Sheldon Huffake / Knox, Kevin.
28 Jun 2008 S866714009 Inside Hamas : the untold story of militants, martyrs and spies / Zaki Chehab. / Chehab, Zaki.
28 Jun 2008 S877649004 Still lost in translation : more misadventures in English abroad / Charlie Croke / Croker, Charlie, 1966-
28 Jun 2008 S800419004 The mighty Hood. / Bradford, Ernle.
28 Jun 2008 S868051004 Wikis for dummies / by Dan Woods and Peter Thoeny ; foreword by Ward Cunningham. / Woods, Dan, 1960-

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Motya : unearthing a lost civilization. by Gaia Servadio

Motya : unearthing a lost civilization. by Gaia Servadio

Gaia is an Italian journalist who wrote for L'Ora who bravely tackled the Mafia . Her book is about her personal trips to Motya. A Punic city destroyed by the Greeks on an islet off Sicily with a sea covered road connected to the main land. Her story covers Joseph Whitaker who inherited a wine firm trading in Marsala - a very heavy dessert wine. Joseph purchased Motya and started digging for Carthaginian remains as well as collecting and stuffing birds. The family had some trouble with the mafia and the fascists . A rambling book but very interesting on the British running businesses in Sicily.

Gaia has a theory that the Carthaginians practised sacrifice of first born children because young women had to become temple prostitutes and when they married the father was not always clear. No wonder the Bible condemns the Canaanites.