Monday, October 10, 2011


Ship docks almost in the town just a short walk and you are there. Tours to Olympia shown at 10 euros. But just another ruin. We just wanted a restful day. Plenty of lovely shops and a cute little museum for 2 euro of Greek inventions with working models which the lady demo'd - some very funny ....
Water front coffee shops saying free Wifi but I did not bring netbook with me. Ship left at 2pm


Corfu - Noordam docks around 200m from port entrance - a free bus takes to entrance - then shuttle to Corfu town is $8usd - leaves you at entrance to old fort.. Just across the public park/square from town.
overcast and rain around but we missed actual downpour.
We went on the Achillon Palace tour. A lot of coaches and other ships also doing this.  Just a short drive down the coast. Roads around the palace very narrow and cars had to back off for our coach. Coach parking also overloaded.
Our guide Anastasia had a lot of detail about the life of Empress Elizabeth of Austria. Sissi had  a lot of personal tragedy. 2 girls died as infants. Her only son Rudolf committed suicide. Her palace is looking old and tired. It will be interesting to compare our 1965 photos. Sissi had the dying Achilles statue with arrow in his heel. The Kaiser took over the palace and replaced that statue with the Achilles with spear ....

After Palace to Kononi promontory for shots of Mouse island but overcast day..... I bought a panama hat for 10 euro s and Chris a pink hat for 6...

On to Corfu town and the sun came out. Anastasia left us at start of List Street .... in old days  you had to be on the list to be allowed in the street. Everyone comes here for coffee... Anastasia would return at 140pm for trip back
We had Greek coffees and frappes and plate of meze - which was really excellent. All in 17.50 euros for 2
We were next to pick up point but guide never appeared so at 2pm we caught shuttle to ship.
Next free time - ask re what happens if guide vanishes???
Still a lovely day


Dubrovnik - lovely but very busy.
Just too many people - most off of cruise ships.
Nice boutique shops - kuna seemed to be around 7 to a euro... some shop prices seemed expensive.
They took euros.
We had an excellent coffee at old harbour - they charged in euros and it was a reasonable price...
Getting up to the top of wall looked steep and we thought it would be too exhausting.
Many of side streets had long flights of steps.
Walking around the centre of the town was fun.............
The churches were interesting but discouraged photography.

Noordam provided a shuttle each way for $7USD it was too far to walk... 2+km

Friday, October 07, 2011


Dear All (some first thoughts written on 2nmd day)
Well Roma was a bit messy but we enjoyed the time
there ... especially the food
Trip to Civitavecchia (Ci pronounced Chee) was
great - Merc van delivered us right to the wharf
Noordam very concerned about health - antiseptic
hand wash everywhere. for 2 days buffet is not
self serve...
So we had to answer a questions on paper re any
colds etc...........
On board fairly quickly
Noordam - luxurious
Food - wonderful - so varied and well cooked
Staff - excellent - friendly and helpful
Decor - very nice
Bed - very comfortable
Cabin - spacious
All that Irena said it would be ...........
Met folk that I had chatted with on internet at Crows
Nest bar with drinks provided by ship and an
officer spoke and said Santorini would be a
highlight and there would not be many ships in port... At the
time we were sailing through Messina Straits -
wonderful clear view of Italy and Sicily. Passed
by Stromboli volcano around 645am - plume of smoke
coming out
Drinks tonight with Captain Scott