Monday, August 23, 2010

Politics: Quo Vadis

Sky News: Power struggle to continue after vote

Independents vow to work together - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
The three sitting independent MPs have promised to work as closely together as possible as a political deadlock continues to hang over the country.

Call another poll if talks fail: Oakeshott
Sounds good to me

'Spin and fakery' as Labor infighting starts - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Mr Iemma, who was forced out of office in 2008 when Mr Bitar was then the secretary of NSW Labor, says Mr Bitar needs to take responsibility for Labor's failure to secure a majority.

Tony Windsor Says Show Us The Money
Independent MP Tony Windsor will ask the two main parties to submit all their election policies to the Treasury for costing so negotiations to form a government can begin with an agreed budgetary starting point.

Greens want debate on Afghanistan | The Daily Telegraph
As Gillard pointed out at conference re death of a brave trooper today - the Defence Minister has made reports and debates took place then. Presumably the Greens want everyone to accept that it is time to pull out - But I suppose I see Gillard's point Lets Train Afghans to fight the Taliban.

Live Results - 2010 Federal Election - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Well latest is Lib 73 Lab 72 and ONE Green and 4 others. Off to see 3 of the Others on Press Club lunchtime

Friday, August 20, 2010

Politics: Is this Goodbye Maxine - Friday final thoughts on Election

World News Australia - ALP poll suggests 20 marginals could go
The ALP polled 1650 voters this week across 10 NSW marginal seats and 10 Queensland marginal seats.
The poll showed a three per cent swing against Labor in the NSW marginals, which would see the government lose seven seats with three at risk, the Seven Network reported.
Seats which would fall to the coalition if the internal polling is accurate are: Robertson, Macquarie, Gilmore, Macarthur, Bennelong, Eden-Monaro and Page.
Those at risk are: Dobell, Greenway and Lindsay.

The 7.30 Report - ABC Antony Green's election preview - possibilities of Hung parliament

Poll puts leaders neck and neck - ABC News

The primary vote for Labor 35% Coalition 44% Greens' 14%.

Gillard Says State Labor Is Indefensible "Julia Gillard draws attention to her positive agenda and contrasts it with Tony Abbott's negative stance of cancelling out Labor's mistakes, but it's not quite enough"
Positive??? All I hear is her going on about Workchoices. And grocery prices. Than she talks ad nauseum re NBN and nothing about ETS.
and same old labour nonsense "Julia Gillard says she'd be devastated if the nation wakes up on Sunday and finds it's elected Tony Abbott Prime Minister on the back of a protest vote against Labor."

Sky News: Newspoll lineball, Galaxy tips ALP
But a Galaxy poll, published in the Herald Sun newspaper, predicts a narrow Labor win with a 52-48 two party preferred result.

Here in Bennelong
Maxine has been very nice to meet - she and Kevin were very supportive over the horrible murder in our street last year.
However I've been very annoyed at the mess that State Labor has made over the Epping Road. At least Greg Smith the state liberal MP is promising to change the Bus Lanes back to Transit Lanes.
But alas Maxine looking at the numbers particularly your party's own poll it sounds like the swing will exceed 1.4 % ........

PS Just heard Bob Brown says Greens will hold balance of power and if Labor are in a minority he will support them to be the Government. What - go over the people's head. At least the Liberals in UK went with the majority party.

ABC Elections for the election calculator etc

PS Saturday morning this interview appears
Julia Gillard: My carbon price promise |

After days of mentioning NBN mantra suddenly she will have a mandate for the ETS or CPRS

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Joseph in Egypt

Some folk often say there is no trace of what the Bible says about the Hebrews or Israelites in Egypt.
Well look at
Bahr Yussef - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

which means A canal or waterway of Joseph.

This is an ancient irrigation work.
The Bible says Joseph was appointed by Pharaoh to help Egypt through the years of plenty and then a drought.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Books: Iran: My Grandfather by Ali Alizadeh

M/C Reviews - A harrowing history – Iran: My Grandfather by Ali Alizadeh

Iran: My Grandfather ·

Yes indeed a harrowing book. A history of Iran in the 20th century told through scenes from Ali's grandparent's lives. Rather like a novel but does show us the trauma of Iran. Salman is a police lieutenant and is excited by the Shah's attempt to modernise Iran. Part of which involves banning the Barqa and there is a scene when Salman confronts a woman who really wants to wear the thing. He realises banning is not the answer. Eventually he realises the Shah is a dicator and helps depose him. Suffers prison under the new Shah.
If you want to know why Iran is the way it is then do read this beautifully written book

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Books: The imperial cruise : a true story of empire and war / by James Bradley

The imperial cruise : a true story of empire and war / by James Bradley

I picked the book up thinking it was about the World Cruise of the Royal Navy in 1923 which took my father to many countries. But it is about the 1905 diplomacy voyage on which Teddy Roosevelt sent his daughter Alice and the Secertary of War Taft to the far east.

James Bradley (author) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia also wrote Flags of our Fathers which covered WW2 and I have seen the Clint Eastwood film. James is very concerned about the impact on his father's generation of WW2 and in this new book
he lays the blame on Teddy Roosevelt and his encouragement of Japan in 1905.

The Imperial Cruise by James Bradley - Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists ( star ratings) for some good comments on the book.

Yes its PC history BUT a lot of what he says seem justified. It is not just a history of 1905 he goes back to the Mexican War and 1853 Perry threat to Japan. His point is a racism in American policy and because the Japanese decided to become industrialised and started wearing western suits including top hats that USA was convinced they were above the other Asian countries. Then LeGendre advised Japan to take over Okinawa and Taiwen and Korea. Bradley seems to say that all was peace in Asia before the USA intervened - he does not mention the invasions of Korea by Japan in the 1590s.

The whole push of the book is that Roosevelt conducted secret and illegal agreements with Japan. He seems to imply he has seen confirmation of this and yet we are also told that Roosevelt continually wanted assuances that Japan would not attack the Phillipines. The book also goes into the horrible mess of USA involvement in the Phillipines.

It seems that Teddy Roosevelt was not altogether as wise he he appeared in Ron's "reviews": David Fromkin’s new book: The King and the Cowboy when he was dealing with the Kaiser and King Edward in Europe.

Bradley's book is very readable history. And you can follow the romance of Alice Roosevelt. All comes to a rather sad end.