Monday, January 14, 2008

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags join endangered list - Environment -
Garrett who can do a tourist trip to Antarctica is now proposing to ban Plastic Bags or impose a levy on using them. Inference is that the article is talking about the ones that supermarkets "give" us with our groceries. years ago stores had a rack with old cardboard boxes and we struggled to find ones to fit our shopping. USA stores always "gave " nice big solid paper bags but here the stores decided plastic was cheap. Presumably these are now costing.

But what is position on the plastic bags we buy in the stores - big bags for the rubbish bin - little bags for freezers etc? Are these different because we pay directly for them?

Currently we use the shopping plastic bags for our rubbish - in future should we place the rotten stuff directly in the Otto and make it more smelly?

Bunnings I would presume stopped plastic bags as a cost saving for themselves. And I must say their prices are much better than the BBC stores that used to be in the same premises.

The supermarkets continue to confuse us on prices - rollback ie buy two - a ridiculous 4c off fuel. Or spend at high prices in the petrol station and get another 2c . Spent over $200 in Woolworths at Carlingford the other day and still got ONE only docket for 4c off. And let's see where are the Woolworths petrol stations - one north of Thornleigh -one down Epping Road - none at Carlingford. 4c off 40 litres - not even a coffee. What does it cost for them to run this ???

And they worry about the cost of plastic bags!!

Watch out Kevin's back

Frankly I was wondering what was happening - all the hype about Work around the clock and then he disappeared and Julia did all the talking. Well SMH has all the news

Get set for Kevin08, Australia: PM's back, best you look busy - National

I was also shocked to see an aircraft land in Antarctica and off step Garrett. Talk about Stunts. perhaps he was there looking after the whales. Now this sending a ship to keep an eye on the Japanese whaling fleet - checking for what? Are the Japanese doing anything that is actually illegal. Is what Greenpeace doing legal?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Gmail - IMAP - and how to import from Apple Mail and Mail from MAC to Windows

I am wrapped on Gmail and the IMAP function.
On my Macbook I have Apple Mail and Thunderbird - I did try using Apple Mail but frankly it is a bit Mickey Mouse - I know what you will say Apple like to make it simple. I tried to use with two accounts and found it set up the second with an ADD Account and then would not let me change any of the properties as it was using the same library. At moment I don't think it is worth finding a solution. The same thing in Thunderbird works like a dream.
Anyhow that left me with some important Mail that I wanted in Thunderbird. But Apple Mail latest version has each message kept as .emix so not a simple task to import just the mbox large file.

The method shown here sounds difficult and the link to a converter does not work
import mailboxes from Apple's v. 2.0.x not possible - MozillaZine Forums

The other thing was I now have a PC Desktop with big screen but I also like to sit on lounge with Macbook and read email etc - How do I keep the email storage in sync?

So I read around and then found a EASY SOLUTION

First you need an account that works as IMAP and Gmail now does that

Set up IMAP access to my accounts on Apple Mail and also in Thunderbird on MAC and PC

When you have Imap installed see image above just drag an email from an inbox folder into one the of the folders under google mail. You can add folders also and move google mail in box into google folders

Now how to set up the Imap in the news readers.

Thunderbird - set up for Gmail as Imap - read carefully and follow as close as you can the SMTP is a separate page from the images as shown
  1. Salient points are
  2. When in Add Accounts in TB don't click Gmail - click Email and then Imap
  3. incoming server is
  4. On server settings - port is 993 and security is SSL
  5. Smtp os and connection is TLS
  6. Apple is similar
Now you can move/drag your mail from Apple folders into a Google mail folder and it will be there on your other views of Imap - on Windows machine or Thunderbird etc.
Yes your mail will be in sync across all the platforms.
see also Lifehacker
Gmail Tip: Import Messages into Gmail via IMAP
and In Depth - Turn Thunderbird into the Ultimate Gmail IMAP Client

and this is must read also on set up and tweaks
Setting up Gmail IMAP Support in Thunderbird (1.5 or 2.x) :: from the How-To Geek

Handling you need to think about

And 10/2008 I just realised I can import my Outlook 2000 pst into Outlook Express and then in OE I can load the import into Imap Gmail. You cannot drag folder in OE into Imap - you have to add a folder and then select all the mail in imported folder and paste into Imap folder.
However I do not think that OE works well with Imap and seems to be downloading all the mail again that I just dragged into OE. What but it was on the PC in OE so why download - well that is what it says it is doing. So I unticked these folders in Sync list but I get error messages.
I am using a new gmail account for the upload and will probably export to my main account after some more experiments.

Is Internet Banking safe - Is Facebook safe - Phishing

I am amazed that I get so much spam that are fake notes from financial institutions. As I use Thunderbird -with text only I immediately see that the links to banks are fake. In HTML these notes would look fair dinkum. I get notes from all manner of "fake" banks - and also PayPal and eBay. None from the company themselves.

Now this excellent article tells me that people do respond to these emails.
Is internet banking safe? - Security - Technology -
Do have a read some helpful stuff re online banking.

Then other ways of getting your VITAL details - at sites like Facebook
BBC NEWS | Technology | Cyber thieves target social sites

And beware pages that want your password in Facebook - check URL is still facebook
Phishing For Facebook

Oh and if a note I trust arrives in TB and I want to see in html I have installed the addon
ShowHTML and one click and all looks good.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

SearchWP and Google search

Georges-Etienne Legendre - SearchWP
is a aid to searching from the Firefox search box - it puts your search words available in the search results. They will be listed on the toolbar so you can click to find each word in the pages. Also you can click a highlight button to get them in colour.

Georges-Etienne Legendre - SearchBox Sync
SearchWP only works if you use the Firefox search box - if you use say Google search direct well install Sync.

I did not want google toolbar as it clutters up the browser with features I find hard to see the point of. I do have Google desktop and use the taskbar search box so Sync is most useful.

Both addons work for other search engines