Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Politics: Polls

World News Australia - Labor back on track: pollster

"The Nielsen poll, published in Fairfax newspapers on Monday, shows federal Labor leading the coalition 52 to 48 per cent on a two-party preferred basis."

I did an on line SMH survey that had a question that went something like

"Do you agree with  Gillard's strong Timor Policy - Yes - No - Don't Know"

How do you answer a question like that? Do I think its strong - Do I like the policy - Is Timor the right place - Do I approve of Gillard?
What does it mean? How would a pollster use the data?
I answered NO - mainly to avoid a positive on Gillard but how would others see it
The Nauru centre seemed to work BUT
Timor seems a bad place - it is a sensitive place - severe trouble there in recent times - many locals don't like the idea.
And Gillard handling of it was appalling

Back in Poll land I heard on ABC radio a pollster reporting a strong poll saying Timor was a good idea BUT a negative on how Gillard handled it. Is that support for Gillard - no I don't think it is.

Sky News Australia - News Vote
Who is your preferred Prime Minister?
Tony Abbott         72%
Julia Gillard         28%

Those numbers have been static for over an hour
And that is a clear question not inferred from some vague question on policy

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Politics: Things Get Worse

2nd item on agenda for "fixing the government that had lost its way" was Asylum seekers.
Julia Gillard's gaffe on Dili solution no consultation of Xanana Gusmao | The Daily Telegraph

Is this real - announce a plan and it is not yet arranged with the country involved!!!!!!!!

Asylum seeker processing centre not a new idea, says Prime Minister Julia Gillard | The Daily Telegraph "What's new is my determination to relentlessly pursue it."

Gillard yet to speak with Timor's Gusmao - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Ms Gillard says she is not putting a timeframe on negotiations with neighbours
Well that is "relentless"

Meanwhile in TV Ad land
Health legislation won't be passed before election - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
includes "Ms Roxon says it will be two years before people can be moved from long-term public hospital surgery waiting lists to private hospitals.She says the Government is being up-front about when people might expect changes such as the surgery plan. "That guarantee, for example, comes into play progressively from July 1, 2012," she said."It is a complicated process both for elective surgery and for emergency departments because it is staged according to clinically recommended times for having the surgery undertaken. "We don't want to pretend to the public that tomorrow every problem in the health system will be fixed."

Hype ads on the TV and nothing is passed yet and the wanted changes are way off

And here we already into the 3rd item on agenda for "fixing the government that had lost its way" Julia Gillard on the climate change attack | The Daily Telegraph
except "Today, Ms Gillard emphatically ruled out a price on carbon before 2012 as she prepares to release a new policy on climate change."

Do read article and what Abbott has to say "We've committed to an emissions reduction fund, which will build up to $1 billion a year in order to purchase abatements in ways that improve the environment."

WWF climate change spokeswoman Kellie Caught attacked Ms Gillard's inaction.
"She has continued Labor's backflip on climate change and ignored the public's sentiments...."

I thought she was going to achieve the things that Rudd had put aside........

Later same day Gillard won't confirm East Timor preference - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) - Looks like Gillard has been advised about diplomacy and is trying to backout. I saw Tony Jones interview Ramos-Horta and he was quite gracious and trying to help BUT of course no way he would take all those people in Indonesia detention. They should be processed!!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Politics: Meanwhile in Bennelong

We're allies, says McKew - Government - News - Northern District Times

"NEW Prime Minister Julia Gillard can bank on the full support of Bennelong Federal MP and “close ally” Maxine McKew in the aftermath of last week’s history-making events in federal politics."

Phew the PM is an "Ally"  - I'd have preferred a "Friend"

"Maxine agreed with Ms Gillard that Mr Rudd was not successfully selling Labor’s message, which was the reason he had to be replaced, according to the party"

"Ms McKew was seen walking side by side with Mr Rudd down the corridors of Parliament House in Canberra the day he was sacked by his own party. “I owed him a lot,” Ms McKew said. “I owed him to be there on this most difficult day.” ``It was unprecedented in Labor history for a Prime Minister to go in this manner,’’ she said. ``But Julia was correct: It was difficult to sell a clear message of the good things Labor is doing. We were not able to get our message out.’‘

Politics: PM gives ground on mining tax

World News Australia - PM gives ground on mining tax

The tax has been given a new name - the Minerals Resource Rent Tax (MRRT). It was previously known as the Resource Super Profit Tax.

The headline tax of 40 per cent has been reduced to 30 per cent, despite the federal government's previous refusals to back down on the rate. The reforms will be limited to iron ore and coal projects, and will only apply to 320 companies.
The government says the reduced rate will make the industry "internationally competitive".

Petroleum resource tax extended
The MRRT will apply to iron ore and coal. However, the current Petroleum Resource Rent Tax will be extended to cover all onshore and offshore oil and gas projects. There will be no rebate for new exploration costs.
To finance the changes, the company tax rate will now only drop to 29 per cent, instead of the promised 28 per cent.

The federal government estimates the reforms will reduce revenue by $1.5 billion in the forward estimates.


well that is a 25% reduction in the tax which would have meant 3bn but I suppose the other changes bring it down to 1.5bn but still not as good as the budget planned!!!

Which way round does the battery go? Microsoft are fixing it

Microsoft unveils Instaload technology to banish battery bungling | The Daily Telegraph

"The US technology colossus overnight unveiled 'InstaLoad' technology
that lets batteries energise devices regardless of how the negative and
positive polarity connections are in place."

Wow - one of my big cripes - which way round does the battery go.?
So many gadgets and they "chart" is usually black on black and hard to see.
Go for it Microsoft