Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ron's Christmas Wallop

Ron's Christmas Wallop - a drink for Christmas
Ensure you have a clean bottle
Beat together
1/2 tin of Condensed Milk - a good brand - it needs to be sweet
1 Tablespoon of Coffee essence (yes the liquid with chicory - Camp Brand if avail)
2 Tablespoons of Chocolate Topping
Beat again
3/4 cup of rum (whisky is you prefer it)
Beat Again
One carton of Fresh Cream (oh well its Christmas)
Beat 6 seconds - if too long will get very thick
Pour into bottle - should be enough left over for a taste
Put into fridge - this is a way of making cream last longer

I have been known to use one cup of rum which sure gives enough for a taste.
After all you need the Rum to keep the cream and eggs. 
Very nice on ice and with milk

Camp Coffee can be purchased from
not inexpensive -In Sydney we can buy Bushells which is very similar.
I suppose if the bottle stuff not available - you could make some very strong coffee and include in the mix