Friday, July 02, 2010

Politics: Meanwhile in Bennelong

We're allies, says McKew - Government - News - Northern District Times

"NEW Prime Minister Julia Gillard can bank on the full support of Bennelong Federal MP and “close ally” Maxine McKew in the aftermath of last week’s history-making events in federal politics."

Phew the PM is an "Ally"  - I'd have preferred a "Friend"

"Maxine agreed with Ms Gillard that Mr Rudd was not successfully selling Labor’s message, which was the reason he had to be replaced, according to the party"

"Ms McKew was seen walking side by side with Mr Rudd down the corridors of Parliament House in Canberra the day he was sacked by his own party. “I owed him a lot,” Ms McKew said. “I owed him to be there on this most difficult day.” ``It was unprecedented in Labor history for a Prime Minister to go in this manner,’’ she said. ``But Julia was correct: It was difficult to sell a clear message of the good things Labor is doing. We were not able to get our message out.’‘

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