Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Books: Iran: My Grandfather by Ali Alizadeh

M/C Reviews - A harrowing history – Iran: My Grandfather by Ali Alizadeh

Iran: My Grandfather ·

Yes indeed a harrowing book. A history of Iran in the 20th century told through scenes from Ali's grandparent's lives. Rather like a novel but does show us the trauma of Iran. Salman is a police lieutenant and is excited by the Shah's attempt to modernise Iran. Part of which involves banning the Barqa and there is a scene when Salman confronts a woman who really wants to wear the thing. He realises banning is not the answer. Eventually he realises the Shah is a dicator and helps depose him. Suffers prison under the new Shah.
If you want to know why Iran is the way it is then do read this beautifully written book

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