Friday, October 07, 2011


Dear All (some first thoughts written on 2nmd day)
Well Roma was a bit messy but we enjoyed the time
there ... especially the food
Trip to Civitavecchia (Ci pronounced Chee) was
great - Merc van delivered us right to the wharf
Noordam very concerned about health - antiseptic
hand wash everywhere. for 2 days buffet is not
self serve...
So we had to answer a questions on paper re any
colds etc...........
On board fairly quickly
Noordam - luxurious
Food - wonderful - so varied and well cooked
Staff - excellent - friendly and helpful
Decor - very nice
Bed - very comfortable
Cabin - spacious
All that Irena said it would be ...........
Met folk that I had chatted with on internet at Crows
Nest bar with drinks provided by ship and an
officer spoke and said Santorini would be a
highlight and there would not be many ships in port... At the
time we were sailing through Messina Straits -
wonderful clear view of Italy and Sicily. Passed
by Stromboli volcano around 645am - plume of smoke
coming out
Drinks tonight with Captain Scott

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