Monday, June 14, 2010

Just read: Robert Lindsay - Letting Go - Official: Robert Lindsay - Letting Go

Robert Lindsay (Stevenson) I first remember seeing in Jericho - a wonderful recreation of foggy London in the 1950s - and upsetting too - what was going on. Well Robert was what was going on. And then My Family which I only started watching when it had been around some time - some episodes were really funny but always a sad undercurrent. This book is about his first sixty years and is a very enjoyable read. He really goes into his acting style. It seems he likes to play the part and also play to the audience. Which can be threatening and one actor actually punched him.

Playing Henry II with Derek Jacobi as Beckett - he relates Derek as being a bit grumpy when Robert tried to be amusing - later he recounts Derek had Mrs Thatcher as a dinner guest and she invited Robert which he refused as being from the working class he did not like her politics - no wonder Derek was grumpy. Robert does reveal a lot about himself. Always having a laugh about himself. It was good to read about his career. Being "down under" for 40 years means I've lost touch with "new" actors etc in UK so this book was revealing.

I knew "Me and My girl" the 1930/40s Lupino Lane musical with the "Lambeth Walk" had had a rerun but I just did not know that Robert with Emma Thompson had been the stars - he took the show to a success on Broadway and met everyone including Miss Hepburn.

I'll be watching more of Robert if his shows get down here

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