Saturday, March 17, 2007

Table2clipboard - copy/paste data like a dream

Table2Clipboard :: Firefox Add-ons

means I can cut and paste table formatted data from Firefox into Excel or notes etc with correct format.
In I bring up a list of people in a census area I only want 3 or so and not all the columns - Table2clipboard means I can
  • Select Ctrl and hold.
  • Mouse over all the cells that you want to copy, they will be highlighted.
  • Right click on the highlighted cells and select "Copy Table elements"
  • Now paste into a note - into a spreadsheet - into an html editor.
  • I use Frontpage - you will now have an uncluttered table - I often having a table and use paste special with formatted selected
This is really an enormous tool - you have to use it to appreciate what a help it is

Pat Geary's site on how to use for Genealogy and in Frontpage

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