Friday, March 02, 2007

Talpiyot Tomb - DNA

DNA analysis by the film team identifies that tissues from the ossuaries of Jesua and Mariamene e Mara were not related, raising the possibility they may have been married and had a child.

Am I reading that only TWO remains were DNA tested? Surely they are joking! Strangely people who are related do get married - there are so many combinations of who these people are and what relationships if any they might have had to each other.

Using the words "DNA tested" implies links were found. BUT in this case no link was found - so nothing was proven - and using the words "DNA tested" is implying something was proven - that is most MISLEADING to use a polite word

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  1. Their DNA testing made me laugh. So the proved that they weren't related... well done! Someone send them a prize.

    Those were the only two tested, they didn't test any other ossuaries. Also, mtDNA can only show mother/son or brother/sister relations. It cannot show father/daughter relations, but they left that fact out.


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