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Talpiyot Tomb - "James son of Joseph brother of Jesus""

"James son of Joseph brother of Jesus""

The producer and Writer of the film is "An Israeli-born Canadian, Simcha Jacobovici is an award-winning documentary director and producer"

Another one of his documentaries was on the James ossuary
"An ossuary, or bone box, has come to light in the possession of a private collector. On its side is an inscription in Aramaic that reads, "James son of Joseph brother of Jesus""
"Upon examining the tomb, the filmmakers determined a space exists that would have fit the "James" ossuary. Given the patina match and this observation, Jacobovici theorizes the lost burial box could, in fact, be the "James" ossuary."

There is actually a court case in progress as the collector is charged with forging this particular box see

An interesting point is that evidence in the case is that the ossuary was photographed in 1976. Please note that the Talyipot tomb was unearthed in 1980.

I posted this on sci.archaeology see

and went on to add from the Jerusalem Post A conversation with the archaeologist
"What of the assertion that the 10th ossuary disappeared from your care and may be none other than the "James" ossuary? "
"Nothing has disappeared. The 10th ossuary was on my list. The measurements were not the same (as the James ossuary). It was plain (without an inscription). We had no room under our roofs for all the ossuaries, so unmarked ones were sometimes kept in the courtyard (of the Rockefeller Museum). "

The film makers would love the ossuary to be from the tomb with wording like "James son of Joseph brother of Jesus" but it is not!

Have another look at BenW 26 Feb Eusebius recorded that there was a tomb of James in Jerusalem itself and it was not at Talipot. James the brother was buried elsewhere.

Hence if we just suppose the James ossuary was buried in this tomb and the inscription is authentic then he is not the brother of who the film thinks he is and so everyone else is not the person the film claims either.

But it really does not look like the ossuary is from the tomb so claiming it is in such suspicious circumstances really does not lead to a conclusion of integrity on the part of the film makers

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