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The tomb in Talpiyot, a Jerusalem neighborhood

The tomb in Talpiyot, a Jerusalem neighborhood
A new film and book claim it is the Tomb of Jesus Christ and contains his remains. Discovery Channel first showed the film on 4 March 2007
(This blog was written before the show goes to air and I have only read about the press conference. I have some links for people who have seen the film ).

The Book page which finishes "The latest research on how the 'forgotten' gospels, like the Gnostic gospels and Gospel of Mary, hint at the truth of this discovery." Note HINT - not evidence but hints......
This appears to be the movie site
which says "Tombs with the names The Virgin Mary, Jesus of Nazareth, Mary Magdalene and Judah, their son, are found."
Note: those names as shown above are not in the tomb - Virgin is not in the tomb and neither is Nazareth nor Magdalene - or even "their son". The names as found are:

On Six ossuary, or bone box are inscribed as below - 4 others were not inscribed

(1) Yehudah bar Yeshua
(2)Yeshua bar Yoseph
(3) Maria (Latin)
(4) Matia
(5) Yose
(6) Mariamene e Mara (written in Greek).
other subjects to discuss
Statistics of names
1980 to 2007
Talpiyot Tomb supposed link - "James son of Joseph brother of Jesus"

Talpiyot Tomb - Recommended Sites

The whole basis of Christianity is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. H was buried in a shroud in a tomb and arose from there. John the disciple was shaken when he saw the shroud left behind. He was not left to rot and then had his bones placed in a box. A body left behind is in utter conflict with Christian belief.

Do read the Wikipedia article They even record a major expert as saying the name is not Yeshua but "Hanun"

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  1. HE raised from the tomb and said thomas: "Do you believe because you see me? How happy are those who believe without seeing me ! "
    I belive!


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