Friday, March 02, 2007

Talpiyot Tomb - Matia.


Yes one of Jesus's disciple was Matthew also known as Levi. He is supposed to have been killed in Ethiopia - a long way from Jerusalem - just another name coincidence. Sounds good for the association with Jesus Christ as many people know Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Now I am hearing that they are saying that Matia must have been a relative of Maria and this proves this is her family tomb. Just another hypothesis.

A name found in a family tomb for which there is no known connection with Mary's family would imply that it is not Mary's family in the tomb.

In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus says
Matthew 24:23-25 At that time, someone might say to you, 'Look, there is the Christ!' Or another person might say, 'There he is!' But don't believe them. False Christs and false prophets will come and perform great wonders and miracles. They will try to fool even the people God has chosen, if that is possible. Now I have warned you about this before it happens.

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