Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Da Vinci Code - a book soon to be motion picture.

The Da Vinci Code - a book soon to be motion picture.
In 2005 a friend lent me Dan Brown's book as "Christians should know what he is saying in case they are asked."

Well if any adult asks I will be surprised. I could not believe how badly written this book was - the events are in the realm of fantasy - an albino (yes albino) monk who goes around killing those who know the "secret"and a death in the Louvre and the man placing his own body in a special arrangement whilst he is dying!!!! French police shown as corrupt buffoons. A whole section on mind baffling mystery writing which is clearly mirror writing - just hold it up to a mirror. Oh come on. I think the Harry Potter books which I admit I have only glanced at are better written - as are even the Op Centre books from the Tom Clancy factory - no reflection on a real Tom Clancy book. This is published as a novel but Brown keeps telling us it is fact when obviously what is happening is fiction.....

Why do these people pick on Leonardo - he was also supposed to be responsible for forging the Shroud of Turin.

Here are articles on some of the errors in the book

By the way The Da Vinci Code ideas are clearly from "Holy Blood Holy Grail" by authors Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln. Dan Brown uses their names in anagram etc format in Da Vinci. Early 2006 they sued Dan Brown's publishers over copyright issues but lost the case - something about no plagarism could be shown.

I read that book when it first came out in 1980s - it was obviously ridiculous - but it is reasonably good writing - I suppose it was one of those kind of books that got me thinking if they have to attack Jesus in such strange ways - perhaps he really is who he says He is ....,_Holy_Grail

And then there were TV shows picking up on Mary Magdalene and saying how Christians had downplayed her importance over the years. Sorry just cannot see it - she is clearly the first person to see the Risen Christ so how is she "downplayed".

Anyhow I have not tried to write an exhaustive critique of these matters - just wanted to give you an opinion - do try some web searches to see what others have to say... Ron


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