Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MAC Photo Editors and iPhoto

iPhoto has a major limitation to me - you can import photos from an External hard drive but when the External is not connected iPhoto is liable to go into "not responding" and you have to Force Quit. Yuk that is not good.

Seem to be a couple of solutions - which instead of one big Library, allow you to have several
Fat Cat Software - iPhoto Library Manager
but I see many comments that prefer iPhoto Buddy so I am installing

looking at iPhoto library I can see that my external photos are there but only as 4kb thumbnails presumably linked to the external if that is connected. It will take a while to sort out which is my fully imported folders versus these thumbnail only. Yuk I like to be able to easily backup my folders . And I was a Master folder and a Working folder. I want to keep the Masters in their raw condition.

So I am also looking into other editors for MAC OS X

which also have a library approach - ie a preview pane with all the photos and then select the ones to edit

Download ImageWell Now - It's Free!

hmmmm - has an interesting interface - not sure it has clicked with me

Welcome to GIMPShop dot Net

The GIMP under X11 but seems to blend well - powerful photo editting - a kind of preview pane -

Overview | digiKam - KDE Photo Management Linux but rumours a OS X version coming

Seashore A shortened version of GIMP - similar comment to Gimpshop

So iPhoto is still looking like the housekeeping program - it preview pane with Zoom etc works well - I 'll see if the Buddy program solves the MONSTROUS Library "issue". Everything says it does and that it should load faster as no LARGE library

Xee 2.0 - MacUpdate

Xee takes over from Preview - says it handles multiple files - use mouse scrowl wheel and crops - just installed will see

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