Wednesday, September 19, 2007

GO Russell - What are you doing Morris

Well done South Sydney Club

The news is saying that Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court are removing pokies (one armed bandits) from the South Sydney club. That is tremendous Russell and Peter - I do pray that your club succeeds. Pokies just take money away from people.

Note: When I worked at Rosebery in late 1970s I did go to Souths for lunch and won a big jackpot ($50) on a Friday on which I was going on vacation so it was most welcome. BUT although winning is most pleasant - losing is the pits.

Back then they did a great seafood buffet - I can remember the Balmain Bugs. And I gather the new club will provide great food.

Not so good State Government

This same day NSW Premier Iemma is allowing Keno into pubs.
Keno is appalling - the odds so favour the people who run it. Its an annoyance in clubs as the TV screens are continually pushing its nonsense. Now pubs - is there no end to State Government Greed - note State Governments are ALP which is supposed to represent the 'workers'. Hardly this is exploiting the workers and the retired. Morris said the revenue from Keno - would enable the clubs (presumably he meant pubs) to continue to provide the services they currently provide. Well of course it will Mr Iemma except they will make more profit - which is the name of the "game".

The same day Kev Rudd could not enunciate the correct tax thresholds - neither could I but I am not putting myself up as a potential Prime Minister

Then next morning
Now you can gamble at the corner store - National -
Lottery and Scratch tickets in 7-11 stores
Includes Iemma saying the ALP state government has reduced the number of pokies in the state but he did not have any details of numbers or how etc.

2 days later
Seems that Iemma got it wrong - the Minister is allowing more pokies

Overhaul opens way for pokies and hours - National -

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