Saturday, September 29, 2007


Al Gore rocks multiple monitors

This looks like a lovely work arrangement - is it 3 big screens - but look at the desk - I am trying NOT to be like that - it is hard.
I don't think this works either Tina Fey organises with Post-Its
but least it gets you looking at Lifehacker Australia | Tech tips to help you at work and play
as well as things about putting power boards and cables in boxes with holes drilled
and they had a post to
Getting Things Done Guru David Allen and His Cult of Hyperefficiency

The essence seems to be


1. Collect and describe all the stuff. Everything must be inventoried without distinction or prejudice. Errands, emails, a problem with a friend: It all must be noted for processing. Small objects, such as an invitation or a receipt, go into a pile. Everything else can be represented with a few words on a piece of paper ("find keys," "change jobs"). Once the stuff is collected, processing begins. Anything that requires two minutes or less is handled on the spot. The remainder is governed by the second rule.

2. All stuff must be handled in a precise way. Allen offers dozens of clever tricks for classifying, labeling, and retrieving stuff. Expert users of GTD never leave old emails cluttering their inbox, for instance. Nor do they have to rifle through a bunch of paper to see if there's anything crucial they've left undone. Emails to be answered are in a separate folder from emails that merely have to be read; there's a file for every colleague and friend; stuff that must be done has been identified and placed on one of several kinds of to-do lists. Allen calls his to-do lists next-action lists, which are subject to the third rule.

3. Items on next-action lists should be described as concretely as possible. Breaking down stuff into physical actions, Allen says, is the key to getting things done.

I know these arer so similar to other systems but something has to work

Whoops that is TWO minutes - now for something else

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