Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Genetically Modified - help

yesterday on SBS a very frightening doco on Monsanto and GM crops and their attempt to patent pigs. What I understood was Monsanto supply GM feed and this puts certain genes into pigs. If your pigs have these genes then you MUST pay a licence fee. A German farmer was DNA testing pigs in Germany and showing that pigs already naturally had these genes. He was hoping that Monsanto did not have the patent granted.

The program was also making the point that having GM crops on a farm next door could mean that your crops would get contaminated and then you should be paying a license fee.
And then we don't know what effect these GM crops have on us or animals. Farmers were saying their herds had serious fertility drops.

And now the next day in NSW and Victoria

State drops ban on GM canola crop - Environment -

Best I can say is stop using food with Canola present

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