Thursday, November 15, 2007

HTML editors - some thoughts on WYSIWYG tools

Research in Feb 2007

I am thinking of future and whether I will go Linux/Ubuntu etc or MacBook

Currently my web sites are written with Frontpage 2000

Sorry purists I want WYSIWYG

This is very sophisticated - I will use to check my html - HTML-Kit -

This is helpful

some of these look quite powerful but Html only

AceHTML, a Free HTML Editor

openbexi - very much Beta - strange looking colours - maybe if they
release a working version
well worth exploring - lists many editors I have not checked yet
- hard to install meant for experts in CMS and Java

And I am bookmarking these for future thoughts
I tried- bit lost as why it has email etc when Mozilla has TB and FP
Now I worked out NVU is a development from it so I am uninstalling

Xstandard - the free lite version does not enough features - the Pro for
example has Split Table Cell - but why buy

Dynamic HTML Editor
I tried the 1.9 version - appears to be rubbish
would not open an Html file appears to want some file of its invention
to me that is Goodbye

Tried trial version of Adobe Contribute - it appears to have a special
group network purpose and restrictions such as Template comes from
Dreamweaver - you might as well pay the extra for Dreamweaver

This is for MAC - so if I go MacBook I will have iWeb but if not quite
for my major webs - I might try this

So I'll keep looking at NVU - no recent release but seems to work.
Kompozer is supposed to be NVU with some bug fixes

Does allow Template - but I have to learn how to use - currently I use
include page in FP

Does not have image mapping tool for hotspots like FP but does allow
insert of the code - and in image properties has a Image Map remove
button - strange way to do things.
So I need Image mapping - Gimp is supposed to do it - Xnview has a help
page but nothing clear on how to do

November 2007 Some new stuff I will look at
Writing this away from home so not yet downloading sounds very functional - except HTML editor only not WYSIWYG - no longer developed but write up sounds good and there are downloads - however no help to explain - nothing intuitive about it - Don't bother with it SANDVOX - has try it
iWeb is not a major tool - its really just Apple's interface to .MAC .
You could use it to create another web site but you cannot import already created web pages.
and you need to backup the Domain file else if you move machines etc you will not be able to use iWeb to edit the old pages.
This is an excellent summary Practicalmadness by David Demaree | Regarding iWeb they have a Freeway XLE free to try and discounts - I got a Serial number for XLE but where is download - so I set a note asking - and it looks like it is a fresh web site - you cannot import - well I have asked that too I think there is a free trial - HTML editor only

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