Thursday, November 22, 2007

Final Election Thoughts

A chance to rebuild, after a decade of moral erosion - yes of course an article by Paul Keating.
In which amongst a lot of other nonsense - he says
"He (John Howard) also trod on the reasonable constitutional progression to an Australian republic, even when the proposal I championed had everything about it that the Liberal Party could accept. A president appointed by both houses of Parliament; meaning by both major parties, while leaving the reserve powers with the new head of state as the Liberals had always wanted. The price of Howard conniving in its defeat probably means we will ultimately end up with an elected head of state, completely changing the representative nature of power and of the prime ministership and of the cabinet."
Sorry Paul the people clearly showed that if there was to be a Republic that they wanted to elect the President not leave it to the pollies. That is why the Republic push failed.

Back to Kevin - I really find offensive the Ad - I will stay the Limit - whereas Howard will hand over to Costello - so where is your choice. Well we know the choice - it is Howard followed by Costello - no secret.
In 1991 I went to India for six weeks - when I left Hawke was PM - when I returned Keating had pushed him out.
I had no news in India and I was shocked. What choice did the people have there? I fail to see the issue Kevin! How do we know the ALP won't do it again?

The dumb fake brochure stunt of course is nasty for John. And he has disowned it several times. At the Press Club on TV today I was pleased to hear journalists groaning when yet another "respected" reported asked a question on an issue that had been done to death.

A big thank you to John Howard for being my local MP for so many years and PM since 1996. Looking right back you impressed me when you took such prompt action on personal gun control.
Many Blessings for Saturday

Friday night - I'm watching Bob Carr saying all the things he thinks that John did wrong - and this from the man that gave us the lousy tollways and then walked off the job. Did he tell us he was going to leave the job at the previous election. Did the Labor premiers in Victoria and Queensland give notice at the election that they would retire young. Come on Labor John is saying he will retire so stop the NEGATIVE nonsense.

Why has Kevin shot himself in the foot over the change the constitution to recognise our indigenous people?

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