Friday, March 22, 2013

What is a good RSS reader now that Google RSS is closing?

My son asked on Facebook and this is copy/paste/edit of my comment to Dave
What is a good RSS reader now that Google RSS is closing?
  • My current reader

  • FeedDemon but its a download for Windows -
    BUT read Nick's comments on google closing
  • Nick is going to make it Free and no sync to google but of course its Windows desktop

    FeedDemon - Free Windows RSS Reader
  • What I like is quick to load feeds
  • And I like to scan feeds – open ones I want and pass to next feed with a All READ for previous feeds – which FeedDemon does Plus an option only show the Unread ie new feeds- another recommended download Sharpreader shows all the feeds even those without current posts so boring and unproductive

    Web based ones - Lifehacker suggested some but methinks some are impacted by volume of new users esp oldreader
  • Now I have managed to load it Feedly looks very possible
    Lots of features and a quick way to mark all read – click the number on right and arrow to move to next bunch and it handles a folder of feeds as one 
    So I agree this overview
    Feedly. A fast and stylish way to read and share the content of your favorite sites. but I waiting for my imports to happen - was queue of 27000 Monday now 3300 - outline sounded good so I am monitoring I had already but have loaded my feeds and its a maybe
Looks like I have to select READ for each bunch of feeds
Will post more when Oldreader comes up but it is looking like Feedly as its web based

I've now seen OldReader and Feedly but whilst FeedDemon is still around I like it ......

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