Friday, February 22, 2013

Bombs hit Indian city of Hyderabad

Bombs hit Indian city of Hyderabad - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Very sad to read that this morning. A City I visited in early 1990s. Full of vibrant people always on the move. The traffic noise. And all brought to a stop by an insane bomb attack. Main language there are Telegu and Urdu as a large Muslim population with a good looking mosque. We had a lovely dinner with a Muslim family just near it. Great that a they welcomed a Christian group like that.
So who did this - vague at moment. Allusions to foreign involvement. There are Naxal or Naxalites ie Maoist in Andra. I remember a bus full of armed police charging past us and next door paper had photos of dead Naxals. Some our pastors recognised as having told them to stay away from certain areas. Police stations are often attacked by Naxalites.

I do pray that the people I met over there are safe and well.  

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