Friday, November 07, 2008

Thoughts and Links on Barack Obama

I like many Australians had never heard of Barack until this year.
At one primary I heard his victory speech and was concerned it seemed all about change whatever that was .
I was sort of hoping that Hillary would win as the first woman BUT then the first person of colour was perhaps even more needed.
Now it has happened I see clearly that it was needed - I rejoiced with the Civil Rights Marchers joy on election day.
But since that earlier speech I have heard nothing but a clear and profound message from Barack. People tell me all these bad things about him but if he is any of those then he is the biggest liar around and I am sure he is not.

I sort of like this prayer
I’m praying for you, Barack Obama « Hands Frozen to the Sword

Just prior to election OSO posted
One Salient Oversight: What's driving American Evangelicalism?
and Scyldings commented and I like his blog

Classics like - you'll laugh when you find out what it is
What Austen & Napolean had in common...

and on the 106 year old Ann Nixon Cooper whom you may have seen on the news
Further post-election thoughts
and how Jesse Jackson cried when Barack mentioned her.

Today Scyldings posted The Great Delusion
which linked to Byron who has some very sound thoughts from Australia on
nothing new under the sun...: The Change We Need: Reflections upon Obama
Byron says he has Heros: Karl Barth, Bart Simpson, Jed Bartlet.
My son often quotes Bart and his father although it is all too quick for me.
Now Jed I truly think was and always will be a great POTUS.
Karl well I have not read much but he is at least real......



  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I really appreciate it.

    I did not vote for Obama... basically because of his underlying ideology. However, the American public has spoken and he was chosen. I will now support him and am hoping and praying that I was wrong about him and where he wants to take this country.

  2. Well Coffee -when I read your blog on The
    Uneducated Housewife's Guide to Politics: The Fairness Doctrine

    and this appears to be a Demoocratic policy supported by Nancy Pelosi I see what you mean - that ain't Free Speech.
    Except I think you were really supporting the Hockey Mum as you are a Footie Mum.

    Please say Hi to Mr Bean

  3. Thanks for the link. I'm glad you liked my post. Peace.


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