Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Welcome To The Working Week by Paul Vlitos

Welcome To The Working Week by Paul Vlitos - 9780752885117 - Orion Books

I don't usually read novels. But I walked in the library and this title grabbed me. It is a first novel

but I see Paul now has

Every Day is Like Sunday by Paul Vlitos - 9780752890630 - Orion Books

Working Week is a book of emails to and from Martin who seems to get in disaster after disaster. Trying to find his jacket and wallet after a party and they are on his sideboard. Some very funny sections. It is about life in North London and part of the culture scene. Plays in pubs and DJs and names on the music world.

Ending sort of peters out - Martin makes a 5 year plan with a girl that they will marry if nothing else happens (which girl? but that would be a spoiler ). Just seems to be saying life goes on and on.

One girl keeps a blog and emails are exchanged on stuff she says about Martin. A novel of just emails - very novel

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