Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gordon Ramsay and the Kitchen

Wow the wowsers are not just in the ALP

Ramsay's potty-mouth prompts changes | The Daily Telegraph

I must say I was stunned when I first saw and HEARD the show. Then I realised some very strong manager and leadership and taste statements were being made. One could hardly blame him in the New York India restaurant with cockroaches in the freezer and in the tomatoes from which servings were being made to customers. And then there was a seafood place in Brighton and the owner replied in similar language BUT then realised Ramsay had a track record of getting things fixed and tried the Ramsay suggestions.

I guess the language got people watching the show whereas " I say old chap I think your cleaning up skills leave something to be desired" would hardly attract watchers.

Gordon you have fans - you can stop swearing now.

Funny we had a weekend away and I found myself with a seat overlooking the chef and sous and also the pizza chef. The food was excellent and I think Gordon would have been impressed.

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