Thursday, June 26, 2008

I fixed the washing machine

Chris said it was not spinning well and I thought a blockage. The Bosch WFB 4001 manual said "pump blockage". Checked a couple of comments on

Pump blocked message - FixYa

Relooked at the manual and realised it had some numbered pictures at the back and things started to come clear.

Remove front plate - two indent screw tops - one of either side - turn right with large screwdriver and plate pops off.
Then on right side unscrew the plug. I first did this a year ago and this time it was difficult as some coins slipped into the thread as I was undoing. Anyhow I found $5.05 (two $2 one $1 and 5c) and 20 pence - where did the pence come from.
The plug goes back easy.
The plate you have to align the pop out holders.

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