Friday, March 28, 2008

PM off on Overseas Trip

before he left I heard the PM say that he expected to have important discussions with the PRESIDENT OF THE USA. He would have his photo taken with him. Our country will be taking a much stronger place in world affairs and could be expected to stick our noses into all manner of things. We will of course tell everyone what they should do to fix their global warming.

Rudd defends timing of marathon trip | The Daily Telegraph

I wonder what crisis will occur next week that Julia will somehow waffle through.

First Day

Rudd's troop withdrawal leaves Bush alone on Iraq - National -

Well I agree sure is time to pull troops out - what with the Iraq government starting a civil war in Basra. But I hardly think the number of troops really would be noticed and won't we be
leaving some as security for our diplomats etc. Glad to see we are still there to help the Afgahnis.

It's stuff "Mr Rudd said sparing "working families" the full brunt of the global financial crisis was the uppermost reason for his two-and-a-half weeks of talks with the world's most senior business, political and economic leaders." What is this Working families that he talks about - does he mean he excludes a lot of the population.

I did like "Dr Nelson and others were engaging in "short-term political point scoring", he said."
Wow is he above criticism

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