Friday, August 31, 2012

Video Software and Windows 7

With Windows 7 I have installed Windows Essentials - Download Windows Live Essentials
This includes Windows DVD Maker - which sort of does a job of burning a DVD from a limited range of video formats.
Like it will not do handle MP4 - so essentially its Microsoft formats avi and wmv.
Also it only burns direct to DVD - I could not see how to create an ISO so I could burn extra copies later

So I've installed  DVD Flick | Free Audio & Video software downloads at
Similar features to Windows DVD Maker but you can set to burn ISO and it handles a range of formats including MP4

ISO files I would then burn with IMGBURN - which I really like for many uses - verify disks - create Music CD by setting up a CUE file and then ISO if you want several

I will keep documenting how I find Windows 7

I did try to convert MP4 to AVI using Format Factory - Download
but then realised I still could not create an ISO
and I want to do several of my video collection disk

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