Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Afghanistan - Bring the Diggers Home

I started this post as "When will we get out" in March 2012 as events seem to be getting worse - at bottom an update 17 April
Today 18 April following on from General Alan Stretton,  I am now saying "Bring the Diggers Home"

The inside story of how a rogue soldier massacred 16 Afghans | News.com.au

Why was this man serving there - with his war record he should have been placed in some safe place at home. 

Why are we still in Afghanistan?  Invading Iraq before ensuring stability for the Afghans was a mistake. Now what are we trying to achieve? Obama has plan to pull out by 2014. What will change in two years?

Britain has fought 4 wars in Afghanistan. 1830s 1870s 1919 and now.   Last week more British soldiers killed. Australians are trying to help the people but are still involved in fire fights etc....

 15 March 2012 We will complete Afghan mission: Obama : World News Australia on SBS
Still 2014 - note warning to Iran

 Karzai slams US after shooting suspect flown abroad : World News Australia on SBS
   "This is by all means the end of the rope here," added Karzai

All that is happening is the people are getting more and upset - civilians still being killed - then that ghastly video of disrespect to dead enemy - the Koran burning - has there been a rational explanation. And now this poor traumatised man allowed to have weapons.
March 21 a very disturbing article Accused soldier has 'no memory' of Afghan massacre | News.com.au

A good article
Inevitable injustices in unjust war - The Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Now 17 April  Diggers tipped to be in Afghanistan after 2014 - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) following last nights Four Corners with so many experts saying nothing being achieved. Including an Australia general who commanded our troops in 2010 and still worrying. Our War/Defence Minister Stephen Smith spoke well on achievements in last 18 months and talking about the success of Afghan security forces in Afghan officials blame attacks on Haqqani | SBS World News - the attackers all seem to have been killed. Note they were the attackers and they are said to from a 10,000 strong group called Haqqani. Karzai says NATO intel failed BUT is there no Afghan intel?

And now today we hear this promise Gillard to bring troops home early - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) BUT some will stay
PM announces early Afghan withdrawal | SBS World News - vague as anything 
In the meantime
Hundreds of prisoners at large after Pakistan jailbreak - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

And now 18 April 2012
 Australian general says Afghan deaths in vain - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Four Corners had General Cantwell and now today it General Alan Stretton
"I support retired General (John) Cantwell who questions whether the Australian mission in Afghanistan has been worth the loss of Australian lives."

April 18 it gets worse Barack Obama Condemns Soldiers In Afghan Body Parts Photos

and so it gets worse - wanton killing of civilians - burning Koran and now this gruesome trophy business.

Over and out: Gillard's surprising Afghan war speech - The Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) ok he is a Green but most of his article is sound

 Parliament - Bring the Diggers Home

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