Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blogger: The 'pencil' icon for editing is missing

Google high-handed ness again.
Last year I was using Google Reader but then they changed the interface and it became unusable so I switched to Feed Demon
Now they have added a country specific address to blogger so that access my blog and you get redirected to http://ronlankshearreviews.blogspot.com.au/ - they have added .au - if a Blogger was in UK then it .uk etc
I suppose they will keep the Re-direct in place so I hope all the places on which I put my blog address will not fail to find it.

In meantime there at [IMPORT] The 'pencil' icon for editing is missing and so is gadget quick editing tools - Google Groups folk are discussing what to do and a Google person did acknowledge but as yet they have fixed the edit tool problem...

Anyhow I've just bookmarked the Edit page so its the long way round when I want to fix a page....

Next blog probably Wordpress

Today on the Message forum a guy in Canada posted his URL and I clicked it came up with AU at the end - he is in CA not AU
 It seems it is deliberate
Why does my blog redirect to a country-specific URL? (ccTLD) - Blogger Help
which now means when you see AU at end of URL it might not mean site is by someone in Australia just that google thinks it OK for Australia....


  1. Smart thinking Ron!
    This is a helpful stopgap measure ... not meant to be a fix, just a quicker way of working around the problem till Google fixes it.
    I so hope I don't have to go over to WordPress as I have just shifted my blog with iWeb on MobileMe as Apple are stopping their web hosting. I don't mind being an old dog learning new tricks ... but there are just so many times that I want to jump through the same hoops

    1. Thanks Julie I posted to Google + via the Icon and I hope we can get Larry Page involved - today a poster had a Canadian site come up as in AUst

      The Edit bookmark works for my recent blogs BUT this wrong redirection indicates something nasty

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