Friday, November 18, 2011

Computers: News/RSS Readers - recommend for FeedDemon

 I like to read news etc via RSS Feeds. RSS was rumoured to be on way out BUT still seems to be healthy.....

I used to use Bloglines then they dropped off.... So I switched to Google Reader but alas this month they changed the layout to something they implied was simple - BUT its ghastly absolutely useless for quick eyeball scan of Headlines etc.

So I went looking - Wanted features - able to read import the google reader subscription list - clearly highlights the Unread sites (I don't want to see all my subs listed) and work through them - and finally a quick for each sub as I scan "Mark All Read " ---- PLUS LOOKS GOOD

sites recommended various tools
and I tried these four
JetBrains OmeaReader
All handled the Import of sub list and mostly looked ok
But they usually failed on the Mark All Read button and the Only the Unread.....

The Winner was FeedDemon - Free Windows RSS Reader

handled everything I wanted and looks good - even handles Facebook notifiers
but alas not Twitter - looks like it used but Twitter changed and stopped it working

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