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Ephesus Excusion options

Holland America Noordam schedule is arrive Kusadasi 11 October 7am and leave 7pm I understand they normally are on time. HAL own tours - one starts at 745am and then two at 8am and then others at later time.
A good site on Kusadasi - Turkey | Kusadasi Hotels, Guide, Real Estate and more!...

Ephesus is a place we've wanted to visit for a long time....
this gives detail of places to be seen

Ephesus ancient city. Artemis temple, Virgin Mary house, Saint John basilica. Ephesus Turkey

Many people will be doing shipping company tours but friends there in mid 2011 heard many complaints from those who did.
Their tours there did not seem to be as good as at other ports......

Some people recommended this company Ephesus Tours, Private Ephesus tours and Ephesus excursions in Kusadasi

Our day in Ephesus organised with Liman Hotel - friends did a tour with the hotel this year and highly recommended Hasan... Plus when having a coffee you can use the free WiFi

Liman Hotel -is just outside the gates of the harbour. I could see it in a photo from deck of the ship.(no not this photo)... We just have to set time with Hasan for driver to be there at exit with my name on a placard - perhaps 8 need to get to Ephesus before the crowds although October should be a bit less....

If you have organised with me for this of course we need to touch base on ship and have cash ready for the day. Note it is Euros but have the cash before we get there as Turkey has its own currency so an ATM will not issue Euros. And a little bit extra as presumably we have a driver and a guide....

Eight of us at moment - perhaps 8am and finish towards 5 - back in Kusadasi there is a market and perhaps a carpet factory to visit...

So as things are I've set seeing what Hasan says are the "importand" sites
and including at 10 euros extra the Terrace Houses for a total of 75 euros each

We can be flexible on the day except I think Hasan wants around 8 hours or so.... But he said he is flexible
so if we find time at end of the Ephesus events we may add The Cave of the Seven Sleepers.
And I would like to go on to Sirince Village which will be for extra 5 euros.

8 people should be Mercedes-Benz Vito (2011)

now if we get to more than 10 people price comes down 10 euros and would be in a Mercedes-Benz - Sprinter

> To quote Hasan 
İf i know what time you will be out of the ship and what time you must be at the ship i would  tell you excatly how much time we need each > places... but as i said before please leave it on me i  would arrange it all end everyone happy.

Ephesus Tour
(1)Virgin Mary's house
(2) Ephesus, (at least 2 hours at this wonderful site)
Terrace houses in the Ephesus another 10 Euro each person entry fee!
I would like to add as pictures I have seen look tremendous)
(3) Temple of Artemis
(4) St John church
(5) place to stop at lunch

Terrace Houses 

Seven sleepers is also nice and we can stop and see it also but as i say it is all depends on time.

Above tour including Terrace Houses will be for Eight 75 Euros each
and if Ten or more it will be 65 Euros.

If we have time and decide we would like to do on the day we will go on to Sirince village for an extra 5 euros each Hasan for Liman Hotel said I belie we discuss this when you are here and tour better! you may like to spend more time in one place or you may don't want to spend much time in one place. Please leave it on me and I would do my best to make it beautiful tour..I am also trying hard to knowing by travellers. and I know best way doing business is do your best guest are happy ward of mouth..

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