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Christianity: When was Exodus and who was the Pharoah

Amenhotep II and the Historicity of the Exodus Pharaoh

Well per this article 25 April 1446 BC
which is good as around the date usually determined directly from Bible chronology

Most people would say that Pharaoh died in the Red Sea when the seas covered the Egyptian army. The article presents that he did not. Which of course also applies if Exodus was under Ramses II (seems to be the main conventional candidate)

Interesting contention that Hatshepsut was the Princess who was Moses step mother and that after Exodus Amenhotep II tried to destroy her memorials rather than it being Thutmose III.

A major point is made on Amenhotep only having two campaigns north - the second being after the loss of his army in the Red Sea. He did it to show that Egyptian power was not destroyed and also to obtain slaves. Then he signed a peace treaty with Mitanni. Presumably with a small force he had managed to acquire slaves but not a major campaign against Mitanni.

Interesting and is a well argued approach and does place Exodus at what I think is a good date

Then there is David Rohl's approach which does place Exodus at a similar date but under Dudimose. Rohl's New Chronology places Pharoah at different dates compared to the Conventional dates

Following pages on his view
Did the Exodus Happen? Answering the Sceptics

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Most will tell you that Exodus is not in Egyptian records ..............

Manetho wrote that that in the reign of Dudimose (the Pharoah of the Exodus under the New Chronology), ‘a blast of God smote us’

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