Friday, July 17, 2009

Stringybark Creek - Ned Kelly - robber or terrorist or was he really a heroic freedom fighter

Last week ABC TV aired Tony Robinson's archaeology visit to Glenrowan and his amusing review of Ned Kelly.
One over the top enthusiast persisted that Ned was some kind of Irish freedom fighter and that a whole army of "revolutioners" were in the other pub at Glen Rowan waiting for the declaration of independence.  When the police arrived Ned went off we were told to tell them to stand down. A very strange revolution.

We were told the old story of Ned being brutalised by the system and that was why he took to robbery and he was only defending himself against the brutal police.
That he was a Robin Hood character - (Tony did tell us that he robbed the poor as well as rich).
It was sad in the show to watch the policemen who was interviewed at the Stringybark Creek memorial having to listen to this nonsense of an heroic Ned

An article today reveals some police documents for the time
The Kelly hunters: dispatch challenges bushranger myth
including the brutal slaying of the police at Stringybark Creek. That 82% of police were Irish anyway.


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  1. Sadly your comments show you have extremely limited knowledge of the early Victorian Police Force and the Kelly Outbreak. The Royal Commission that followed was not complimentary to the police and you will never hear police refer to it. And yes, a large majority of the police force was Irish and some were liars, thieves, and thugs and would falsify and concoct evidence to suit. I suggest you read the Royal Commission Report, before passing judgement on Ned Kelly. The population of the day did not share your sentiments, but then again, they were Victorians and lived through it, so what would they know.



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