Friday, January 16, 2009

Brilliant Ideas

Lifehacker has some good stuff not just technical but lifestyle

see this one - when we lost a bag in NZ it was hard to describe and they give you a form with shapes.
being able to show a photo on phone of camera will be a great help.

Use Your Camera Phone To Document Suitcase and Contents - Lifehacker Australia

and don't forget when parking at shopping centres take a photo of floor sign just in case

This is site Lifehacker was linking to

Cell Phone Camera Tip: Snap Your Suitcase Contents Pre-Flight | cell phone

I also like this - photo appointment cards
Geek Tip: Keep Track of Appointments With Your Cell Phone's Camera

And David likes Videojug for "How to Do's" here is their luggage Luggage (Travel: Luggage)

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