Monday, August 20, 2007

Yum Cha and the election

Well I have been reading that Maxine has 47% of Bennelong and John only 44%. This based on a survey of 800 locals. I note that last election the Christian Democrat preferences got John over the line.

Anyhow Brendan and Ron went to Eastwood for Yum Cha today. As always the old Commbank building was absolutely packed. But what shook me was that the walls were covered with ALP posters - we were surrounded with large portraits of Maxine and Kev. I have never known a restaurant to do that before - I mean really support one side in an election.

Just finishing a BBQ pork bun and in came a party of folk with Maxine - they sat a couple of tables away. Will John be there tomorrow? He has a office outside in the Mall - presumably just for the election.

And a story hot from the ABC Howard outlines fifth term plan in which it says
"New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma says Mr Howard is simply electioneering by threatening more federal takeovers of state responsibilities." After the local council turn around in Queensland it sounds like a good idea.

The restaurant posters say "Maxine a strong voice for Bennelong". Can she get the Premier to stop the plan to make motorists use the Lane Cove Tunnel by chopping off lanes on Epping Road? What will she do for Bennelong?

Now Kev - 2 headlines I saw today

Rudd announces hospital takeover plan - Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd has signalled that a federal Labor government would be prepared to take over the running of hospitals from the states.

Tas hospital takeover an election stunt: Rudd - The Federal Opposition has accused the Howard Government of cherry picking electorally important hospitals for funding, rather than dealing with the broader issue of health spending.

One person's policy is another person's stunt!

One qoute: Queensland Premier Peter Beattie praised Mr Rudd's plan in State Parliament.
"It's the sort of thing that the Queensland Government has been demanding for years," he said.

I bet if Howard rather than Rudd - it would be "they are taking us over" .

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