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David Rohl - books and websites on his NEW Chronology

David Rohl - books and websites on his NEW Chronology
His site is
I have always been interested in archaeology and many years ago read Immanuel Velikovsky and his views on the chronology of Egypt. Which did lead to me being concerned about the dates given to certain Pharaohs. Not that I accepted all of Velikovsky's ideas and the big problem was that he died before he wrote the book that tied up the loose ends. Rohl is not as extreme and I do admire the way he accepts that the Holy Bible may be correct and is a good source of historical evidence. Centuries of Darkness by Peter James see is I think a more orthodox discussion of the problems. The big questions for me are When was Exodus and to clarify the time frame of King David and King Solomon and which Pharaohs are meant when mentioned in the Bible

Some sites with more detail

New Chronology resource page – David’s books and other useful resources all in one place!

Highlights List:

Moderator Richard Abbott's Website:

David has a DVD on Exodus and Moses which I would like to know more about.
Please do not confuse that DVD with one being sold in Bookshops
The Exodus Revealed do read the reviews on Amazon as some mention some positive items in the DVD. However the focus of the film seems on the work of Ron Wyatt see

I think this critique is sound and I am concerned that works like this DVD are around to confuse people about the truth as shown in the Bible itself.
Note: This DVD is nothing to do with David Rohl but fits into this discussion.

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